Friday, February 1, 2013

Fufill your dreams

This is an event with synchronicity writ large on it.
Where does it begin? I attended the get together of my Andhra University college of engineering batch (1968) at Vishakhpatnam on 17 November 2012.  I did a short event for my friends during this event. Sri B. Surya Chandra Rao is one of my old friends I lost touch with and reconnected again, thanks to this get together.Sri B. Surya Chandra Rao is making a huge difference in rural Andhra Pradesh by propagating alternate medicine, with special emphasis on Homeopathy. He is also a practitioner of Spirituality and he started a conversation based on this common thread. To cut a long story short, he sent me a mail on 25 January 2013 asking me whether I could do a workshop for an Engineering college near Rajahmundry. It turns out that  I was passing through Rajahmundry on 31st January to attend the 100th Birth Anniversary celebration of my father in our village. It appeared that 31st January does not suit the college and 1 Feb was suitable. However, I could not get suitable travel arrangements for 1 Feb. The only time that was possible on this trip was to do it some between 2:30PM to 5PM on my way back and it happened just so, thanks to Sri B. Surya Chandra Rao, the Principal and the Mnagmnet of BVC College of Engineering. That is synchronicity, isn't it?
I had to do several hours of preparation fr this talk. The first point was that, even though it is called a talk, I wanted the students to have an experiential and interactive event. Not easy when you expect more than 160 people ion the event. I settled down the title of "Fulfil your dreams" more as a title that would interest the students. Having selected that, I need to fulfill the expectations and be in integrity with the title of the talk. The issue was made a little more complex because I was  more used to PG students, with prominently urban percentage. The message I came up with was fairly simple but very interesting. You need clarity of your dream and you need to develop your inner resources to fulfill the dreams. The inner sources are your body(health), mind and spirit. My analogy was to compare it to the seed (dream or vision) , the soil, water and sun shine. I think it went very well and I really enjoyed it. Actually, this event is also fulfillment of my dream. 
A word about the college. The campus, buildings,  facilities and the seminar hall  - all of them pleasantly surprised me. The students were fabulous. I liked their participation and their cooperation - it is not easy to do a a great meditation session for 16o people in hall and it is the first time for most of them.
After the event, we had some fruits in the Principal's room. A refreshing change from the samosas and sandwiches that are normally served. Then, I had a brief but inspiring visit to the clinic of Sri B. Surya Chandra Rao and caught the train to Bangalore.
All in all, an unforgettable day for which I am gratful.

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