Sunday, February 5, 2012

Stress Management Workshop for GPCL, Chennai

When I agreed to do this workshop in a Power Factory, I was expecting a lot of noise and not an exemplary campus. What I saw was stunning. The campus was just beautiful and given that it is the second largest diesel power plant in the world, the noise was surprisingly low. In fact, when all the doors of the generator room are closed, you hear the water flow form cooling tower. The plant does not consume any water - it purifies sewage water and use it for cooling. The sight of the engines was awesome - biggest engines I ever saw.
The vent was fantastic. The participation was great! The measurable result at the end of the workshop is a stunning 98.8%. Most of the participants have done the Isha Foundation workshop and may be the foundation was very good.
In the excitement , I forgot to take the pictures of this extraordinary event.

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