Sunday, December 23, 2012

Wellbeing workshop at Savitri Bhavan

 This would be the last workshop of the year 2012. This workshop was close to 12.12.12 and in Auroville this had a very special significance. 11th,12th and 13th were festive days with many events, celebrations and meetings ...... It was wonderful to just the positive vibrations and just enjoy it. Some people told me that it is very special because it would come only after another 1000 years!
The workshop also saw the much talked about and controversial 21 Dec. In the end, I am not sure whether something really happened or it was another day in the Solar System. This is one of the things about a hyped up event!
A friend told me that we  were in the midst of momentous event , comparable to the meteor strike 65 million years ago, which wiped out the dinosaurs form the earth.  I would prefer to experience every day as a  special day for no specific reason except that it is a unique day by itself and would never comeback. 
Never ever. I would be very joyful if I could do that, every day and every moment.
To come to the workshop. I don't what it was that made this workshop so enjoyable for me but I really enjoyed every moment of it. I cant put my finger on the reason but it is so. We had a relatively small group  and on the first day, I felt disappointed as we put out all the mats and cushions (form the experience of the last workshop). Then I let it go and focused on the joy of offering the workshop and it   was just wonderful after that.
I made some new friends in the workshop and on the last day, Yashwa, a young by of about 6 years came to the session. I enjoyed his presence very much. It was also unfortunate that one of the participants slipped and hurt himself but he joined us back after attending to the minor bleeding. What I would remember this workshop was the gentle flow of it that was like a river meandering through an uninhabited forest.

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