Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Well Being Workshop at Savitri Bhavan

 This is another of the foundation workshops and this time I was experimenting with two aspects.
First, reducing the number of days to 5 from seven.. This entails leaving out some of my favorite parts like introduction to inner harmony.
Secondly, exploring the lower lobby of Savitri Bhavan for this workshop. This space is great and I like the light, ventilation and the sparkling granite floor, maintained to perfection by the staff of Savitri Bhavan. This is a relatively unused space, especially at 7AM (my preferred time for this workshop) and hence scheduling is easy. My main concern was about the number of people as I would like this to be a n open workshop with out any registration and other formalities. I thought that if we run out of the lobby space, we can use the upper lobby , inner lobby and the entrance to the lecture hall. This could not be checked out in this workshop.
On both counts, this was a successful experiment. I would now offer it as 5 day workshop rather than 7 days and this space is the best space I experienced so far. I feel happy and grateful for the opportunity to offer it in this serene surroundings and unimaginably wonedrful energy.

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