Saturday, December 31, 2011

Stress Management Workshop for GMR, Chennai

 When I agreed to do facilitate this workshop, I was not sure of the suitability of the space as is it meant for the Chennai Outer Ring Road project team. It was fortunate for me that I met Mr. Reddy, GM the earlier evening at Dinner. In fact, he was my host at the Guest House and it was great that he was willing to share some of the stress factors the team was facing. He assured me that the facilities were quite good. But, I was not expecting great facilities at the conference room at the site office and was very pleasantly surprised at the excellent conference room. The LCD screen and projection system were just great!
It was also not sure whether the two day workshop can be condensed into one day but I was willing to try because I understood that they cant have  a two day workshop due to their on-site commitments. I was glad that I willing when I understood the daily work situations they are facing.
The workshop was very interactive , very free-flowing and was one of my best experiences. I am grateful to all the participants for their cooperation in keeping the mobiles off and giving their undivided attention to the workshop.

I feel blessed to share with such willing participants. I really enjoyed the event and would like to know how they are managing their stress after some time.

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