Friday, December 30, 2011

Good Health Workshop at Pragthi Resort, Hyderbad

In the movie "Gandhi", Kasturba tells Mohandas (in South Africa)
"The others may follow you. But, I knew you you when you were a boy"
I relate to  this very strongly. We know provers in Hindi and Telugu which convey this ( Ghar ka murgi da bara bar; Poruginti pulla koora ruchi ...).

So, I was quite elated, excited and also apprehensive when my dear freinds DSR Raju, M Subbarao, Rama Raju and Chakram asked me to do a workshop on 18th December at Pragathi Resorts. Apart from the listening of the people who knew me as an adolescent (of not a boy), the timing was also added to my apprehension. The occasion was the annual get together of  my engineering batch of Andhra University ( named as AU Ever Green by Trinadh). The gala evening was on 17th December and the workshop is on the morning of 18th December. I suppose you get the very legitimate reason for my apprehension.

I was pleasantly surprised that everybody (or almost every body) assembled at the appointed time of 10AM and a few of the rest joined very soon. I am excited about all vents as each event is an opportunity to fulfill my vision and an opportunity for (passionate) self express. What the listeners are my college friends - my extended family- I don't know how to express my excitement that I felt. With the excitement and apprehension, I started rather slowly and haltingly, but soon the event started flowing. And what a flow it was! It is one of the most fulfilling and satisfying events that I enjoyed s much that it is difficult for me to describe it as my vocabulary limits me.
I am grateful to all my friends  for their listening, participation, time and attention. I am grateful to teh organizer organizers Rama Raju, Chakram and Veerabhadra Rao.  My thanks to  DSR Raju and M Subbaraowho organized the earlier workshop and seeded this event.
This post would be incomplete with out the very inspiring work being done by AU Ever Green. led by Trinadh, Someswara Rao, Rama Raju, Rama Rao and support from many others, a Government Elementary School has been adopted and the education and facilities there have been transformed. I am proud to belong to this group!

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