Sunday, December 16, 2012

Well being workshop at Savitri Bhavan

This event was interesting for me because this had the largest number of participants in any well being workshop that I conducted in Savitri Bhavan. In fact, the space and the number of cushions/mats was just short of the need with the large number of 27 participants. I wonder whether the post of Charles Jothi on Auroville Intranet got more people interested. I made a mental note to thank him when I meet him next.
The workshop was also unique because we had 4 participants from Pondy, one of them the being Shipra Ji, a very senior and highly respected Ashramite. Through her, I also reconnected with Rachana, whom we met in 2006 when we were visiting Auroville with an intent of becoming a New Comer.
I was very happy and grateful for this event with so many people and Savitri Bhavan is a place where I feel some wonedrful vibrations. It is a double privilege for me to offer the workshops in such a wonderful space.
Due to a quirk of fate, I lost the pictures of this great event.

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