Monday, November 19, 2012


This was an event organized at our college reunion, thanks to DSR Raju, MSD Raju, UN Raju and SVRK Prasad. Given that how I was in the college, I would have found it difficult to attend a talk given by that person. It was the wonderful open-ness and generosity of the organizers that gave me an opportunity to share some of my experiences and a couple of tools and techniques for well being.
I went back to Andhra University after such along time and it was a pleasure to be in the campus and reconnect with old friends.  I lost touch with most of them and experienced an indescribable connectedness and joy of being together with the old friends. I am grateful to all those who came form far and near to attend it and the organizing team for making it happen. It is a special privilege for me to introduce my childhood friends and their family members to some of the tools and techniques that have been so beneficial to me in my life. I feel happy and grateful.
In my opinion, well being has three dimensions at the physiological level - fitness, wellness and robustness. All three dimensions are interrelated but it is quite possible for someone who is fit to be unwell. Yoga nurtures all these three dimensions and positively impacts other levels - vital, mind and beyond. I shared deep relaxation, which is yoga nidra along with chanting of primordial sounds and palming of the eyes. I enjoyed the session and my sense is that it is well received and appreciated.

Some of my friends are coming to Auroville in the first of Jan 2013 for a 3 day retreat. I look forward to it. There is also a proposal to meet annually and a lot of enthusiasm for Auroville as a venue! 

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