Friday, September 21, 2012

Good Health and Stress Management Workshops at IIM, Indore

 The two workshops I do at IIMI have become a regular feature in my work. I have been able to fine tune the workshops with teh iterations and I am quite satisfied with bot the workshops this term.
I added a talk on the dimensions of health - fitness, wellness and robustness. It is quite interesting to see how the Good Heath excesses improve health in all these dimensions, provide they are done regularly. That is once a day as we live in the solar system. Being in sync with the solar cycle is the important thing.
 I also added talk on another three dimensions - Health(HQ), Emotions(EQ) and Intelligence(IQ) as part of the Stress Management Workshop and  showed how what we do in this workshops helps one in all these three dimensions. We tried a group work experiment. The group work is to read a short article and produce a result - a specific measurable one  . This went well and I am fulfilled as the objective has been met. How to actually produce results rather than comment on the article. This could be long lever in personal growth.
I am more than satisfied with the reflection essays and the value that the participants created in their life. I am truly blessed to share these tools and techniques with these young students - future leaders of India,

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