Thursday, March 1, 2012

Wellbeing (Pranayama) Workshop at Savitribhavan

 The Pranayama workshop in Auroville during the last week of February has special significance for me, being soon after Darshan Day and actually held during the birthday of Auroville (28 Feb). I especially look forward to this time as there is festive atmosphere in Auroville, with so much goodwill and high spirits. I think that this is the Yuletide time of Auroville. The Pranayama (wellbeing) workshop is the foundation of my work and when offered during this week, I feel very happy, grateful and privileged. This year, the venue is Savitri Bhavan and that made it even more wonderful for me. For those of you who don’t know about  Savitri Bhavan, it  is the center dedicated to fostering a living sense of Human Unity through spiritual education based on the vision and teachings of Sri Aurobindo and the Mother . For more details, please see
The participation is also normally high during this period because a large number of friends of Auroville visit during this period. This workshop was made even more special for me with the presence and participation of Julian. Julian is a member of the International Advisory Committee of Auroville and I felt very encouraged and happy that he found time to be part of this workshop. It is also great that Ben, an intern from Nantes, France also was part of this workshop because Ben and I started working together on a Knowledge Management Project for Savitri Bhavan.
This is my 49th Pranayama workshop and the next one would be 50th!  Time flies and I feel happier  counting workshops rather than years.
In gratitude to the Mother and Spirit of Auroville,

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