Monday, May 28, 2012

Stress Management and Good Health & Wellbeing Workshops at IIM, Indore

 I had the opportunity to conduct two workshops (Stress Management and Good Health & Wellbeing) in the 4th trimester of PGP course. IIM Indore now has a batch size of 450 students in the PGP course and I was given the opportunity to repeat the workshops in the 6th trimester. These were scheduled at the very end of the course. In fact, all other subjects were completed and all students left to their homes except those who opted for the workshops. I said to myself “Wow! This is great! These students are really interested and they can give lot of time and attention. It is wonderful”.  It did not turn out to be so. In fact, I was more satisfied with the 4th trimester workshops. May be the workshops can be made more intensive and I need to plan and adopt to this better. Finally, there were some participants who were pulling the workshops to themselves and were doing great. I need to focus on them and not be distracted by other issues. Even if one person is benefited, my mission is being accomplished and that person becomes a seed for propagation of health, happiness and harmony.

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