Monday, May 28, 2012

Pranayama Session at Matagiri, USA

 This post needs to begin with my impressions of Matagiri.
 Matagiri is a spiritual center dedicated to Sri Aurobindo and the Mother’s vision. It located in Wittenberg, Mt. Tremper, NY very close to the picturesque Woodstock, where more than half a million people came together - united in a message of peace, openness and cultural expression.  Seeing the alignment with Human Unity, I was excited going there.  The drive was very picturesque and enjoyable. The scenery kept getting better and better as we approached Matagiri. Matagiri itself is something indescribable.  So sylvan,  so simple,  so rustic and down to earth,  so naturally beautiful and serene. I felt a kind of peace and tranquility here that I have rarely experienced.
 Julian welcomed us very warmly and introduced Wendy and Eric. Eric is the co-founder of Matagiri along with Sam and what a privilege it is to meet the founder of such a place! He shared some of the history leading to setting up of Matagiri and Mother’s direct blessing and guidance right from the inception. I think being blessed is the source of the serenity.  Wendy gave us a delicious lunch and it was a pleasant surprise that she gave us such tasty dal (lentils cooked Indian style) and rice. After lunch, Julian took us around showed us around. The highlight is the mediation centre which appeared to me as the epicenter of peace and serenity.
Now something about how the event happened. Julian  attended the Pranayama workshop in February. We had breakfast together and my planned trip to NJ in April came up in the conversation. Julian is one of the Trustees of Matagiri  and invited me to Matagiri and I was more than eager to offer a workshop! What a blessing it is to offer a workshop at a Sri Aurobindo Center in USA! He suggested 22nd April as Matagiri was celebrating Darshan. However, 22nd did not work for us because we booked an early morning flight form NY to Seattle on 23rd. So, it was 21st April.

The event itself was wonderful and the small hall was filled up so much that Julian had to squeeze himself into a corner. This was the first time I did a Pranayama session within short time after lunch and adapted to it by making the exercises shorter duration with less intensity. Julian has been practicing ever since he did the workshop in February and Wendy also joined him in the practice. The event is a kickoff for Julian and Wendy to offer the sessions on a regular basis at Matagiri and I was given the privilege to conduct it.  The event went well and I am fulfilled to learn that the participants liked it and the regular sessions are being offered by Wendy and Julian. This is the message I take form this event: for wider manifestation for good health and wellbeing, we need more Julians and Wendys  to offer follow up sessions.  I seek Her guidance to lead me in finding more Julians and Wendys .
For me one of the unforgettable moments was the very short drizzle of Grace just as we completed the workshop and were moving out. Matagiri looked even more beautiful and Divine.

I am grateful to Julian, Wendy, Eric, Sam and The Mother for the opportunity of experiencing a place like Matagiri.

When we  were leaving, I told Julian that, in future, I will talk to him before arranging my travel plans so that I have the opportunity to be more in this blessed place.

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